Raised in NW Iowa on a family farm and livestock operation, we were taught the value of hard work, honesty, sound character, faith, family, and doing everything as if you were working for the Lord. We recognized that God put a love in us to construct and build. We loved projects and making improvements to our family operation.

Over the years, that love has turned into many concrete projects from concrete cattle mounds, poured bunks, bunkers, and foundations. That love then grew to projects off the operation such as: driveways, basement floors, garage floors, and house walls. We are passionate about building and serving others, and pouring concrete allows us to do both. It is rewarding to be able to work with different people on a variety of projects such as: parking lots for local ministries, residential driveways, commercial businesses, and the livestock operation.

Through this business, we have been blessed by coming to know many people. It is rewarding to hear from customers how the new construction or improvement has benefited them. We have a mission to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ, while serving others through concrete construction.